Heated Towel Rail FAQ’s

Explain IP ratings and where I can mount my rail?

IP stands for Ingress protection. An IP rating is a rating given to electrical products showing how resistant they are to the ingress of dust and water. In regards to electrical heated towel rails the IP rating dertmines in which zone(s) of the bathroom the rail can be mounted. For detailed information on IP ratings and zoning in bathrooms click here.  Simply put though, a towel rail with IP55 can be installed anywhere in your bathroom that is more the 600mm from a water source.  When installing within the 600mm you will need to install and 12Volt rail.  See the video explaining this here.


How far above the ground should I install my heated towel rail?

Your towel rail should be fitted at the most practical height to facilitate easy use. As a safety precaution we recommend the towel rail is placed no closer than 600mm off the floor.


Can I wire multiple rails to one timer?

Absolutely, you need to check the total load (watts) of the towel rails and the capacity of the timer but typically multiple rails can be wired on a single timer. Bear in mind that all the rails will then be on or off at the same time.


What is the difference between 240Volt and 12Volt heated towel rails.

A 240Volt rail wires directly into your home power and is the most common and preferred voltage for towel rails. A 12Volt rail operates a low voltage element and requires a transformer to be wired between the 240Volt power and the towel rail.  All single bar rails operate on 12Volt and the only reason to use a 12vcolt ladder rail would be if it’s required for the zone in which it is to be placed.  For further details read the 12v versus 240v blog or view the explainer video.


Does a 12Volt rail heat up to the same temperature as a 240Volt rail?

Yes the voltage does not affect the temperature, it’s the output in watts that affect the temperature.


Will a heated towel rail take the chill off my bathroom?

In short, the answer is no. Dry element towel rails are designed to warm and dry the towel and not to warm the room. The most effective way to warm your bathroom is with underfloor heating system under the tiles. The use of a liquid filled or hydronic rail however will add more warmth to the bathroom.


If I was to hard-wire a heated towel rail to just a switch, will this cause issues with my home insurance or warranty?

No, Thermorail heated towel rails are designed so they can work 24/7 or be turned on and off and it is not essential to wire the towel rail to a timer.


Can any of your heated towel ladders be done in any custom colours….eg Dulux range of colours?
The standard range of ladder rails cannot be plated or painted in custom colours due to the fact they are manufactured with the element inside and the element cannot stand up to the plating process.  The single bar rails however can be plated in a range of colours and we offer two ladder liquid filled models which are able to be plated.  See our video explaining this in more detail here.
What is the lead time on colour heated towel rails?

As standard we stock a range of Brushed Stainless Steel, Matte Black, Polished Gold, Brushed Gold, Rose Gold, Satin White and Gun Metal rails in stock ready for immediate dispatch. Any custom plated rails have a 4-5 week lead time for the plating process.


How long does it take to dry a towel?

This question is a bit like how long is a piece of string… it depends on so many factors such as ambient temperature of the room, how many towels on the rail, size of rail, how wet the towels are etc. As an indication an electric towel rail will take 5 minutes to start getting warm and and will reach the optimum operating temperature with 30 minutes. A hydronic or liquid filled rail will take closer to an hour to reach its optimum temperature. Although the towel rail will get to temperature within 30 minutes it will take approx. 1½- 3hrs to dry the towels.


Does a plated/powder coated rail heat up the same as a stainless steel finish?

Powder Coating and plating does reduce the heat output of the heated towel rail however we have compensated for this in the output of the rails so that a coloured rail and stainless rail of the same size will reach the same temperature.


If you have any questions that are not covered here please contact our friendly staff on 1300 368 631.