EB11 Boost Switch 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4 hr


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timer allows for controlling of your heated bathroom towel rails to help control the running costs by not having the rail on all the time.

The EB11 Boost Switch is a simple manual count down timer. Each time you want to use the rail you simply press the boost button for the number of time increments required. One press will do 15 minutes, two presses will do 30 minutes and so on through the remaining increments of 1, 2 and 4 hours. The blue light will shine to indicate the time the rail will be on for and each increment will flash before it finishes. Once the countdown is complete the rail will switch off, ready for use again next time.

Extremely simple to use, the EB11 is a great option in applications where you don't want to program the rail but also don't want it left on such as in a visitors bathroom. As the EB11 doesn't fit onto the wall bracket as standard a separate back box is supplied with the unit.

Product Code
IP Rating
Wiring Type
Concealed (hardwired)
Wiring Position
Centre back

Can I wire multiple rails to one timer?
Yes, absolutely, you can connect more than one heated towel rail to a single timer. There are just a few things to consider; Firstly, you cannot exceed the 13 amp load rating of this timer and, secondly, all the rails wired to one timer will be on at the same time, they cannot be set on individual schedules. The addition of a timer makes your life simple and rewarding with warm towels everyday and wiring multiple rails to one timer allows you to achieve this result easily and beautifully.


Can I control multiple rails independently from the one timer?
Although it is perfectly safe to wire more than one rail to the one timer, and many clients choose to do so where they have multiple rails in one room, it is important to note that you cannot control these rails on independent schedules from the one timer. As our Thermorail timers are all simply on/off timing devices, they will switch the whole load that is wired in, meaning all rails will turn on/off at the same time. Should you wish to control multiple rails independently, you will need to have these wired to individual timers or switches.


Can Thermorail timers be used for other products?
As our Thermorail timers are all simply on/off timing devices with a 240volt output, they can be used to control any 240volt towel rail, appliance or lights. If you are considering using a Thermorail timer for another product, always ensure you do not exceed the amperage load of the timer and bear in mind that this can only be used to switch the load on or off as desired and cannot be used to control it in any other way, such as adjusting temperature or dimming the light.

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