L252CSMCBB 3x Magnification Brushed Brass Mirror with Light

3x Magnification

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The L252CSMCBB magnifying mirror adds style and a sense of beauty to your room. The Brushed Brass finish makes it a perfect match for your Brushed Brass tapware. This mirror can be folded back out of the way against the wall or pulled forward with good vertical adjustment to make it easy to use.

The cool, white LED light is thrown directly onto your face and this coupled with the 3x magnification makes it a perfect option for shaving and make-up applications. The unit features a simple on/off switch on the base of the unit making it simple and easy to control.

The L252CSMCBB mirror is designed to be hardwired with the wiring concealed behind the mounting plate.

Product Code
1 Year
Wiring Type
Concealed (Hardwired)
Lighting Type
Light Colour
Mounting Method
Screw to wall
Brass material
3x Magnification
Approx Weight

How is the mirror controlled / operated?
The magnifying mirror has a small on/off switch on the base of the unit that is used to control the lighting.

What is the difference between Cool and Warm light?
Warm lights emit more of a yellowish colour that produces a warm and welcoming atmosphere designed to mimic natural sunlight. Cool lights emit a brighter, white artificial light for a cleaner feel and makes the mirror more functional.

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