S62SCPR Spartan Eight Straight Round Ladder Polished Heated Towel Rail


$2,849.00 RRP

Plated to Order

The S62SCPR is part of our custom plated Heated Towel Rail range. This liquid-filled Heated Towel Rail can be plated in a range of custom finishes at your request. We offer a range of colours as standard which you can view here or you can request an additional custom colour outside of those offered. The warranty on the rail is 25 years for the rail and element, 5 years on the custom plated finish, and 5 years on the element. These rails are plated to order so please note there will be a 4-8 week lead time.

Heated Towel Rails are an affordable luxury for every bathroom for warming and drying your towels. The S62SCPR is a  Liquid Filled Rail, this means the heated towel rail is filled with liquid and heated by an electric element. As the water particles increase in temperature they circulate in the rail thereby heating the entire rail. Liquid Filled rails run at a higher temperature than an equivalent electric heated towel rail.

The towel dryer is 600x1215mm with six horizontal bars in a Polished Stainless Finish. The  Heated Towel Rail comes as a prefilled unit meaning it is simply wired up like a standard towel rail on site. If the element was ever to fail it can be replaced without needing to replace the rail. The wiring position for the rail comes as standard on the right-hand side.

A Liquid Filled Heated Towel Rail will take closer to an hour to reach a maximum temperature of around 55 -60 degrees. The rail can be operated using an on/off switch however we recommend using a timer to allow you to set and forget and control your running costs

Product Code
IP Rating
Lead Length
No of Bars
Wiring Type
Concealed (hardwired)
Wiring Position
Bottom right hand side
Distance Between Mounting Points (Top to Bottom)
Distance Between Mounting Points (Left to Right)
Polished Stainless Steel
PLEASE NOTE: Specifications are for information purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the product specifications are accurate, due to continuing product development and improvement the specifications are subject to change. Specifications can be used to rough in and fit timber supports in the wall however we recommend no holes are drilled without having the product on site or verifying the details with the manufacturer. Thermogroup cannot be held liable or responsible for errors due to updated specifications.

How do I control my heated towel rail?
Thermorails are safe to be left running continuously however most times it is preferable to have the ability to control when your heated towel rail is on and off and thus saving you energy. The majority of the range of Thermorails don’t have a switch on the unit but can be very simply wired to a standard switch. Alternatively, you can wire the Thermorail to a timer that can be programmed to turn on and off to suit your lifestyle.

Can I wire multiple rails to one timer?
Yes, absolutely, you can connect more than one heated towel rail to a single timer. There are just a few things to consider; You cannot exceed the load rating of the timer (this varies from 1 amp to 16 amps depending on the timer), and all the rails wired to one timer will be on at the same time, they cannot be set on individual schedules. The addition of a timer makes your life simple and rewarding with warm towels everyday and wiring multiple rails to one timer allows you to achieve this result easily and beautifully.

Can I install the heated towel rail myself?
This heated towel is a hard wired unit only so you will require a qualified electrician to install and wire up the Heated Towel rail.

Can my electrician install and hardwire a heated towel rail in existing room without damaging the tiles?
In order to install and hardwire a Heated Towel Rail into an existing bathroom, the first most important consideration is whether your electrician is able to get power from the switch position to where the Heated Towel Rail will be mounted. If power to the mounting position is available, the electrician will need to drill a hole (12-15mm depending on the rail) in the tiles to hardwire the Heated Towel Rails power lead through the wall. For the other three legs, a screw hole into the tiles will be required for the mounts to be secured. Therefore, if the electrician can get power to the position and is able to drill the one hole without damaging the tile, then it is possible to install and hardwire a Heated Towel Rail into an existing room without any damage. Alternatively, the majority of the Thermorail range (excluding 12Volt) have the option to have exposed wiring, meaning they can be easily mounted to your wall and plugged into a nearby power point so that no wiring is required in the wall or roof cavity.

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Have you considered adding a timer?

With the simple addition of a Thermorail Timer you can ensure that you towel is warm when you need it.