Thermotouch 4.3dC Dual Control Thermostat

Thermotouch 4.3dC Dual Thermostat

Thermotouch 5245/5246 4.3dC is a dual thermostat that can control your underfloor heating and electric towel rail or mirror demister.
Thermotouch has been designed to deliver an easy to use electric underfloor heating thermostat that has all the functionality required yet is simple to operate.

  • Dual relay controls

    Thermotouch 4.3dC features two independent relays which allows you to control your Underfloor Heating and Thermorail Heated Towel Rail on separate on/off heating schedules.

  • Economical heating schedule

    Set up an energy efficient, on demand heating schedule for your underfloor heating and an optional additional appliance.

  • Smart boost settings

    Override your heating schedule for up to 4 hours with a simple touch of the screen. Thermotouch will then revert back to your heating program.

  • Multiple sensor compatibility

    Thermotouch 4.3dC is compatible with the most popular floor sensor probes on the market, making it suitable to upgrade your current thermostat.

  • Smart adaptive start

    Thermotouch learns how long it takes your floor to heat up and ensures your room is warm exactly when you want it to be.

  • Flexible heating schedule

    Set up a different schedule for everyday of the week or have them all the same.

Dual Relay Thermostat Options

Thermotouch 4.3dC Dual Thermostat

Stock No.
Dual Thermostat 16A + 5A Max Load - White
H129 x W88 x D48mm (31mm in wall)
Stock Status
In Stock
Stock No.
Dual Thermostat 16A + 5A Max Load - Black
H129 x W88 x D48mm (31mm in wall)
Stock Status
In Stock

Technical Data

129x88x48mm (31mm in wall)
Protection Rating
Max Load
Underfloor Heating Relay: 16A (3600W) Appliance Relay: 5A (1125W)*
Portait or Landscape
5245: Ice White 5246: Satin Black
Temperature Range
5 - 35C
Compatible Sensors
6.8kΩ, 10kΩ, 12kΩ, 15kΩ, 33kΩ (@ 25°C)
*An AC transformer must be used if using a low voltage appliance or if using a DC transformer then an inrush limiting device must be installed

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature should I set my underfloor heating at?

Every situation is different however it is recommended to set your underfloor heating to 24°C to begin with. After testing for several days increase or decrease the temperature to find your comfort temperature. Please note a decrease of 1°C may not affect the comfort or warmth of the floor enough to make it noticeable but can help to reduce running costs.

How long should the floor heating be left on for?

The length of time depends on your lifestyle, the system used and the desired temperature.

What is a floor sensor?

A floor sensor is a small probe that is installed beneath the floor, between two runs of heating cable. This is connected to the Thermostat and gives an accurate reading of the floor temperature.

Will my Underfloor Heating Thermostat come with the Floor Sensor/probe?

Yes! All Underfloor Heating Thermostats supplied by Thermogroup come with a Floor Sensor and a 20mm flexible conduit to install the floor sensor in, making it easier to replace if necessary. You will find the Floor Sensor and Conduit in your Thermostat box, below the unit itself.

What is the flexible conduit for? Do I need to install it?

We recommend the use of a conduit for the floor sensor so that in the event of a floor sensor failing or the thermostat being upgraded, the floor sensor can be replaced without damaging the floor covering. If this is not possible we recommend installing a second-floor sensor as a spare.

Can I control my underfloor heating and towel rail from one controller?

Yes, with our Thermotouch 4.3dC dual control thermostat, you can individually control both your underfloor heating and towel rail from the single controller.

Can I control multiple zones with one controller?

No, each zone that you want to have individual control over needs to have its own separate controller.

Can I control my underfloor heating using C-Bus?

Yes, ensure that you purchase the manual controller with your underfloor heating and this can be connected to and controlled by your C-Bus system. The manual controller options are our Thermotouch 9.2mG, our 5250 manual dial Thermostat and our 5291 manual DIN-rail Thermostat.

What are the rough in or first fix requirements for Underfloor Heating and a Controller?

When roughing in for our Underfloor Heating and the controller, the electrician will first need to bring mains power to the Thermostat location. The electrician will then also need to run two 20mm conduits from the Thermostat position down to the floor, for the Underfloor Heating Cold Tail and for the Floor Sensor. For further information and a visual representation, please view our Conduit Requirements download.

Can I control multiple rails independently from the one controller?

Although it is perfectly safe to wire more than one rail to the one controller, and many clients choose to do so where they have multiple rails in one room, it is important to note that you cannot control these rails on independent schedules from the one controller. Whilst the 4.3dC Dual Controller can be used to control Underfloor Heating and Towel Rails independent to each other, it cannot be used to control multiple rails individually. Multiple rails wired to this unit will operate on the same on/off schedule. Should you wish to control the rails independently, you will need to have these wired to individual timers or switches.

Can I use the Dual Thermostat with any Heated Towel Rail?

Yes, any Heated Towel Rail or appliance can be controlled with the second relay of the controller providing it does not exceed the max load of 5amps. However if using a low voltage Heated Towel Rail/Appliance an AC transformer is required or if using a DC transformer an inrush limiting device must be installed.

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