What makes the Thermorail 12V & 240V Vertical Rails popular


In this email, we will explore what makes the Thermorail 12V & 240V Vertical Rails so unique, superior and fit for the market.


The big 2 reasons vertical rails are so popular!

Great space saving option for areas of limited wall space


Modern, minimalistic design to suit the modern bathroom



Includes the hook!

No additional charge, its already in the box
Used for face washers and hand towels. We recommend one vertical bar per towel






Transformer included with 12V Rails

12V & 240V options available


The range includes 12Volt rails which can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, even above a bath or in the shower area. These are all supplied with a transformer.

The range also includes 240Volt rails which are safe for use in the bathroom, as long as they are outside of the direct wet area.Find out more about 12V & 240V






Elegant Design

38mm Round Profile & Dress Rings create an attractive design  
*Round models only









Heat Performance

12Volt Rails still perform like a 240Volt Rail, the low voltage just makes it safe for use in wet areas

As the vertical has less surface area than a ladder rail, it will not be as effective in warming the towel, however is effective in drying the towel.





Final Points