Econoboard Uncoated Insulation Board

  • Improve the efficiency of electric underfloor heating by up to 50%

  • 100% moisture resistant and rot proof

  • Minimal heat loss into the substrate and faster heat up times

  • Easy to install - cuts with regular hand tools

  • Can be installed on floors and walls


    Econoboard Uncoated is ideal for under tiled floors on concrete subfloors.

    For tanked wet room applications we recommend Econoboard Coated

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Econoboard Uncoated Insulation Boards

Stock No.
1.2 x 0.6m x 10mm thick
PK Qty
R Value
0.30 m2k/w
Stock Status
In Stock
Stock No.
1.2 x 0.6m x 6mm thick
PK Qty
R Value
0.18 m2k/w
Stock Status
In Stock

Technical Data

Thermal Conductivity
Compressive Strength
300 kpa
Water Absorption
Foam Core Density
Temperature Range
-50°C to +75°C

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Econoboard Insulation Boards needed with Underfloor Heating?

As heat travels equally in all directions until it reaches a layer of thermal resistance, it is highly recommended to install a layer of Econoboard Insulation Boards beneath the Underfloor Heating to act as thermal resistance layer and stop downward heat loss. By stopping this downward heat loss, it reduces the heat-up of the Underfloor Heating and can improve the efficiency of the Underfloor Heating by up to 50%. However, if this has not been allowed for in the height build up the heating will still operate without the insulation but will not be as efficient and will take longer to heat up.

What is the difference between Uncoated Econoboard Insulation and Coated Econoboard Insulation?

The Uncoated board are an extruded polystyrene board while the Coated boards have the extruded polystyrene core with a fibre reinforced cement coating on both sides. The Coated Econoboard are designed for use on a timber substrate where they provide lateral stability whereas the Uncoated Econoboard are designed for use on concrete substrates.

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