R16SMBN 1&5x Magnification Brushed Nickel Mirror

1&5x Magnification

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The R16SMBN magnifying mirror adds style and a sense of beauty to your room. The Brushed Nickel finish makes it a perfect match for your Brushed Nickel tapware. This mirror features a double sided mirror with 5x magnification and normal mirror (no magnification) which can be flipped 360°. This mirror can be folded back out of the way against the wall when not in use or pulled forward with good vertical adjustment to make it easy to use.

Product Code
1 Year
Mounting Method
Screw to Wall
1&5x Magnification
Approx Weight

What is best for cleaning mirrors?
For best results clean mirrors with methylated spirits and water at a rate of 30% methylated spirits and 70% water. Do not use Windex or similar chemical cleaning products.

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