Thermorail range of heated towel rail timers

Whilst heated towel rails can be left running 24/7 it is best to use a programmable timer to automatically control your heated towel rail.

Thermogroup have several timers available in our range to operate your Thermorail heated towel rails. All our timers are compatible with any of our towel rails so deciding on which timer is best for you comes down to what functions you are looking for.

Below is what the range of heated towel rail timers:


Thermorail TRTS/TRTSB 7day programmable heated towel rail timer
TRTS / TRTSB  7Day Programmable Timer

Available in Ice White (TRTS) and Satin Black (TRTSB)

  • Fully programmable, touch screen, 7-day timer.
  • This timer has 4 switching times (2 on/ 2 off) per day which allows you to have it turn on and off in the morning and then again in the evening (for example) if desired.
  • Simple to program with large easy to read characters.
  • Override function available.

Thermorail ET12C/ET12CB 12hour heated towel rail timer
ET12C / ET12CB / 5289 Eco Timer

Available in Ice White (ET12C) and Satin Black (ET12CB) and without the switch plate (5289)

  • Simple timing device.
  • Designed to go behind a switch plate.
  • Operates on a 12-hour cycle.
  • 3 heat settings (50%, 75% or 100%)
  • Can be programmed to run from 1 to 11 hours.

Thermotouch 4.3dC Programmable Dual Thermostat
5245 / 5246 Dual Thermostat

Available in Ice White (5245) and Satin Black (5246)

  • Dual controller (Underfloor heating and heated towel rail).
  • Ability to operate your underfloor heating and your towel rails with individual switching times.
  • Smart override function
  • Temperature boost mode.
  • Mounted portrait and landscape.
  • Fully programmable (7Days with 6 switching times per day)

Thermorail EB11 Boost Switch 1, 2, 3, 4 hr
EB11 Boost Timer
  • Allows you to boost the heat for 5 different time periods and will automatically turn off.
  • Reduces energy consumption by reverting you towel rail back to the ‘off’ position.

Still not sure which Thermorail heated towel rail timer will work best for you?

Contact out helpful team on 1300 368 631 to discuss your needs.