P62SPR Jeeves Polished Ladder Heated Towel Rail


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Heated Towel Rails are an affordable luxury for every bathroom for warming and drying your towels. The Jeeves Rails are Liquid Filled, this means the heated towel rail is filled with liquid and heated by an electric element. As the water particles increase in temperature they circulate in the rail thereby heating the entire rail. Liquid Filled rails run at a higher temperature than an equivalent electric heated towel rail as they are designed to add some heat to the bathroom as well as warming and drying your towels.

The P62SPR is a polished stainless rail that features 12 horizontal bars which are grouped into sets of 4,4 & 4. The high number of bars helps to contribute to the increased heat surface area. The Jeeves Heated Towel Rail comes as a prefilled unit meaning it is simply wired up like a standard towel rail on site. If the element was ever to fail it can be replaced without needing to replace the rail. The wiring position for the rail comes as standard on the right hand side.

A Liquid Filled Heated Towel Rail will take closer to an hour to reach maximum temperature  temperature of around 55 -60 degrees. The rail can be operated using an on/off switch however we recommend using a timer to allow you to set and forget and control your running costs.

Product Code
IP Rating
25yrs on rail and 5yrs on element
Lead Length
No of Bars
Wiring Type
Concealed (hardwired)
Wiring Position
Bottom right hand side
Distance Between Mounting Points (Top to Bottom)
Distance Between Mounting Points (Left to Right)
Polished Stainless Steel
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the position of the heating element and the circulation of the hot water, the bottom bar will not heat and the 2nd last bar will be slightly cooler than the rest of the towel rail on some of the models. This affects the following ranges: Quadro P, Classic D, Classic K & Tangent M.

Specifications are for information purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the product specifications are accurate, due to continuing product development and improvement the specifications are subject to change. Specifications can be used to rough in and fit timber supports in the wall however we recommend no holes are drilled without having the product on site or verifying the details with the manufacturer. Thermogroup cannot be held liable or responsible for errors due to updated specifications.

What is the difference between standard Electric Heated Towel Rails and Liquid Filled Rails?

Our standard Electric Heated Towel Rails have a dry electric element which runs through the rail and is connected directly to the existing circuit. These rails heat up quickly, getting warm in about 5 minutes and reaching optimum temperature in approximately 30 minutes. The Electric Towel Rails get to around 35 degrees without a towel and 50-55 degrees beneath a towel which insulates the rail, making it warmer. Liquid Filled Rails, on the other hand, are pre-filled with a mix of water and inhibitor, then work using an electric element to heat the liquid inside. The Liquid Filled Rails take longer to heat up, only reaching optimum temperature after about 1 hour, however they will heat to around 55 degrees regardless of whether there is a towel on the rail or not and will also act as an additional heat source in the room. View this link for a further comparison.

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With the simple addition of a Thermorail Timer you can ensure that you towel is warm when you need it.