5312 12Volt Thermomirror Demister Pad


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The Thermomirror EZ 12 Volt Mirror Demister is designed to provide a low voltage mirror defogger solution to go in wet areas. The 12v demister is typically used in a shower niche with a mirror insert to allow for shaving in the shower. The mirror demister ensures the mirror remains fog-free and is low voltage meaning it is safe to be used in this application.

Typically a mirror fogs up due to the difference in temperature of the mirror and the temperature in the bathroom. The bathroom is warm from the shower or bath whilst the mirror is cold and this difference in temperature causes it to fog up. The mirror defogger warms the mirror to reduce the difference in temperature ensuring a steam free mirror in the bathroom.

Thermomirror EZ Square 300x300mm 12Volt Demister Pad comes with a Transformer or can be purchased in a complete shower niche kit.

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