5312P 12Volt Demister Niche Package

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Thermomirror 12Volt Niche Package - Includes 5312 Thermomirror, 400x400mm Mirror, 600x400mm Econoboard, 12Volt Transformer, Mirror Mate Adhesive

Product Code
5yrs on demister and 3yrs on mirror
Wiring Type
Concealed (Hardwired)

How do I select the correct Thermomirror size?
When selecting a demister, you need to ensure that it is smaller than the size of your mirror. In a glue-to-wall application it is important there is a minimum of 100mm all around the demister to allow for adhesion between the mirror and the wall. In a screw-to-wall application, the demister needs to be small enough to ensure that it is out of the way of the screws or mounting brackets. Remember the demister only needs to be where you mainly look and the heat will spread slightly.


How do I operate my demister?
The demister can be connected to the lighting circuit in your bathroom, so it operates when your lights are on. Alternatively, it can be connected to a movement sensor located in the bathroom which can also be connected to your lights.

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