BS44M Straight Round Polished Budget Ladder Heated Towel Rail


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Heated Towel Rails are an affordable luxury for every bathroom for warming and drying your towels. The BS44M Heated Towel Rail is a 600x800 7 bar polished stainless steel ladder rail which features multiflex wiring. The rail is perfectly sized to fit into most bathrooms and comfortably fit two towels.

The BS44M towel heater features multiflex wiring. This means that you have a connection point on the right or left hand side of the rail, this would be typically at the bottom but the rail can be flipped so that it is at the top and provides the option of hardwired or plugin, all as standard out of the box.

The electric towel rail is designed to rapidly heat up and reach a temperature of around 45-55 degrees. The rail can be operated using an on/off switch however we recommend using a timer to allow you to set and forget and control your running costs. As the rail is electric it is very energy efficient and can cost as little as a $1 a week to run.

Product Code
Polished Stainless Steel
IP Rating
Lead Length
No of Bars
Wiring Type
Multiflex - Concealed (hardwired) or exposed (plugin)
Wiring Position
Any of the four mounting positions
Distance Between Mounting Points (Top to Bottom)
Distance Between Mounting Points (Left to Right)
PLEASE NOTE: Specifications are for information purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the product specifications are accurate, due to continuing product development and improvement the specifications are subject to change. Specifications can be used to rough in and fit timber supports in the wall however we recommend no holes are drilled without having the product on site or verifying the details with the manufacturer. Thermogroup cannot be held liable or responsible for errors due to updated specifications.

How do I control my heated towel rail?
Thermorails are safe to be left running continuously however most times it is preferable to have the ability to control when your heated towel rail is on and off and thus saving you energy. The majority of the range of Thermorails don’t have a switch on the unit but can be very simply wired to a standard switch. Alternatively, you can wire the Thermorail to a timer that can be programmed to turn on and off to suit your lifestyle.

Can I wire multiple rails to one timer?
Yes, absolutely, you can connect more than one heated towel rail to a single timer. There are just a few things to consider; You cannot exceed the load rating of the timer (this varies from 1 amp to 16 amps depending on the timer), and all the rails wired to one timer will be on at the same time, they cannot be set on individual schedules. The addition of a timer makes your life simple and rewarding with warm towels everyday and wiring multiple rails to one timer allows you to achieve this result easily and beautifully.

What is the difference between the standard range and the budget range?
The standard Thermorail range of Polished Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails are made from a high grade 304 Stainless Steel and these have a 10 year warranty. Our Budget Range of Heated Towel Rails is another range we offer which are made from a lower grade 201 Stainless Steel and which have a lower warranty of 7 years. Whilst both ranges are designed to easily and beautifully dry and warm your towels, the budget range with the lower grade stainless and lower warranty does simply provide you with a cheaper alternative to the standard range.

When ordering a Thermorail do I need to specify which wiring option I require?
Any Thermorail that has Multiflex wiring (symbolised by an ‘M’ at the end of the code) has the option of being concealed or exposed wired at any of the four mounting points. All the parts required for any of these mounting options come as standard with the Thermorail – you do not need to purchase anything extra or specify the wiring required, this can be decided at the time of installation.

Can I install the heated towel rail myself?
The towel rail is supplied with complete installation instructions so if the towel rail is going to be plugged into a power point then you can easily install the towel rail yourself. However, if you are hardwiring the towel rail then you will require a qualified electrician to wire it up.

What is Multiflex wiring?
Multiflex wiring means there is a range of different wiring options within the one rail, so the wiring can be decided at the time of installation. The multiple wiring options available are at either the top or the bottom of the rail, on the left or right-hand side – making it possible to come from any of the four mounting points. Wiring can also be exposed (plug in) or concealed (hard wired).

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Have you considered adding a timer?

With the simple addition of a Thermorail Timer you can ensure that you towel is warm when you need it.