Australia Winter 2018

Headlines are beaming it everywhere-

"Winter is coming: Perth's long summer to hit a wet and windy end"
"Parts of South Australia experienced their lowest May temperature in more than a decade on Wednesday morning."
"Cold mornings gripping southern Queensland this weekend as front moves north"
"Australia to Face Record Breaking Cold Winter Weather in 2018"

Are you ready for it?
There's always plenty of options out there for keeping warm; but, there's one obvious answer... it starts at the feet!

The feet are the farthest part of our body from our torso and the farthest part of our body that our heart pumps blood to. Not only that, but like our fingers, our feet have five small toes that must be warmed by this extremely far away blood source. By the time it circulates down to your toes, its the coldest extremity. That's why toes are the first part of the body subject to frostbite: second to the fingers. They're very small compared to our other body parts and dissipate heat faster.

Nothing gives you the chills like walking around on freezing floors, and no amount of fuzzy socks can really protect you from that ice-cold bathroom tile in the morning. Solution- Thermonet Underfloor Heating.

Most insticts are to get the heaters pumping out the hot air to warm the room.
But the facts are, conventional heaters are far less efficient because they heat the air around them initially, leaving any space away from the radiator cold, whereas underfloor heating heats the floor evenly across the whole room through radiant heat, heating objects rather than air. A Thermonet electric underfloor heating system provides and energy efficient, on demand heating system as well as interior design flexibility which improves comfort and space for everyone.

Radiators Vs. Underfloor Heating

Thermonet is your answer to keeping warm from this winter forward!
 Available from leading Bathroom shops and Tile Shops Australia-wide.